The Global 4 H Movement held its first Global 4H Network Summit in South Korea
The Global 4 H Movement held its first Global 4H Network Summit in South Korea between October 27 and November 2, 2014. This after 2 years of planning and was sponsored by the United States of America National 4 H Council and the South Korea 4 H Association. At this summit some 50 countries of the 70 were represented with over 150 delegates.

The summit held under the theme “Youth: Harnessing the Power to Change the World” was an historic one which marks the following:

  1. The signing of the 4H Charter by the Board members of the first Global 4 Network represented by North America, Africa,       Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia.
  2. The declaration of November 1 as Global 4H Day (annually).
  3. The Election of the First 4H Global Network Board where Senator Norman Grant- Chairman of Jamaica 4 H was elected      as Co- Chair for the 4H Latin America and Caribbean regions and Vice- Chairman of the Global 4H Network Board. Mr      Ronald Blake Executive Director of the Jamaica 4 H Club appointed to provide technical support to the Executive of the      Latin America and Caribbean region.

The full Board is as follows:

  1. Shannon Benner- Chairman (4-H Canada)
  2. Lee Hong Ki- Vice Chairman (Korea 4H Association)
  3. Norman W. Grant, JP- Vice Chairman (Jamaica 4H Clubs)
  4. Päivi Haapasalo- Vice Chairman (The Finnish 4H)
  5. Jim Lindstorm- Auditor (States’ 4H International Exchange Program)
  6. Shu- Lin Yen- Director (National 4H Club Association- Taiwan)
  7. Bernal Mendez- Director (CONAC 4-S)
  8. Boateng Appiah Kwaku- Director (4H Ghana)
  9. Susan Naburi- Director ((Tanzania 4-H Organization)
  10. Eric Johansson- Director (Sweden 4H)
  11. Donald Floyd- Director- at- Large (USA)
  12. David Kim- Director- at- Large (South Korea)

Senator Norman Grant Chairman of the Jamaca 4 H Clubs and Vice Chairman of Global 4 H Network says “ the Summit was a tremendous success and will be a game changer and a catalyst for youth development in Jamaica and region and across the Global. The Global movement aims to increase membership of 4 H globally from 7.2 million to 25 million by 2025 and is urging the government of each country around the world to commit more resources and attention for youth development businesses in order to actively empower our youth population. The Jamaica 4 H clubs contribution to the increase global target for membership will be to increase membership from 87,000 members to 184,000 in 2025 and has already started this effort increasing 2,000 new members in the school for the months of September to October bring total membership to 89,000.The 4 H appreciates the seriousness of the global food shortage, famine and environmental issues and we will dedicate our best efforts to improving through the our youth and as such will intensify training and development for the youth.”Senator Grant says further, The 4 H will focus on drivers of growth for the movement through the development of youth centered programmes, advancing the 4 H as a societal and economic value added community program, partnership with other stakeholders organization with focus on non- traditional alliance with similar youth organizations and the development of a Global 4 H framework.”End of quote.