JAS and 220, 000 farmers salute the work and life of the late Sir Howard Cooke
KINGSTON, Jamaica… July 14, 2014

Senator Norman Grant President of the JAS says, “The Jamaica Agricultural Society’s Board of Management and our over 220,000 farmers in Jamaica salute the work and life of the late Most Honorable Sir Howard Cooke, who served as Governor General of Jamaica between 1991- 2006 and an extended period of service to the country numbering well over 65 years. His work to country and his commitment to the Agricultural sector has made him a beloved son of Jamaica Land in whom we as Jamaican here and aboard are well pleased.”

“As President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) and Chairman of the Denbigh Show Committee, I will recommend to the Board of the JAS and the National Denbigh Show Committee that our Late Governor General, for his sterling work to the Agricultural Sector, be inducted in the JAS Hall of Fame and also be recognized with the Denbigh Lifetime Achievement Award during the upcoming Denbigh Show” Senator Grant committed. “This gesture of appreciation dims in comparison to his sterling contribution to the JAS and its activities, as for all the 15 years as Governor General, he never missed any staging of the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show. He has truly remained very committed to the Denbigh product and Experience.”

Senator Grant says, “Sir Howard Cooke placed a very important role on the re-introduction of the Kingston and St Andrew Agricultural Show in 1992 after 25 years of absence. He provided guidance and support to very President of the JAS during his tenure as Governor General and was an inspiration to the farmers of Jamaica. He was also very instruct mental in the introduction of rabbit wearing in the Jamaica 4 H Movement by donation rabbits to the Jamaica 4 H Clubs to wearied and use in the rabbit revolving problem for young clubites. His farm at Kings House was an inspiration to the farmers and a great example as Head of State. ’Sir Howard truly believed that the children are Jamaica’s future and he therefore demonstrated this at the very highest level.

Senator Grant relayed that the Eat What We Grow Campaign, launched in 2003 under his leadership, was not only endorsed by Sir Howard Cooke but was supported by him in subsequent years. For his dedication to the JAS and the farmers, his commitment to the campaign and as a public sign of recognition and appreciation for his invaluable support, he was recognized at the 10thAnniversary of the launch of the campaign, through the presentation of Eat Jamaican Campaign 10th Gold Medal.

“He was a patron of the JAS during his tenure, counsel to the JAS and a great citizen of Jamaica land we love”, Senator Grant ended.“ The farmers and the JAS regret his passing, celebrates his service to Jamaica and our people in a God fearing manner and say in the word of Paul, He has fought a good fight , he has finished his course , now laid up in Glory his reward. To the farmers of Jamaica he has shown commitment, service and true and complete leadership. Jamaica is a better place because of the contribution of a great Jamaican. Sir Howard.

The JAS, including our commodities associations and the farmers of Jamaica offer our condolences to His Beloved wife, Lady Cooke and his family who has survived him.