Executive Summary

The Jamaica Agricultural Society was established in 1895 with the aim of representing the interests of farmers by offering a plethora of services to it's members to enhance their levels of productivity and ultimately facilitate the overall development of the agricultural sector.

The main thrust of the repositioned JAS headed by President Senator Norman W. Grant are as follows:

        • Develop and expand local and international alliances.
        • Improve the interest of JAS as a vibrant & relevant organization.
        • Improve the communication within the JAS and with the public.
        • Widen the membership base and review organization's structure.
        • Improve the quality of the agricultural extension services.
        • Establish training programs in relevant areas for JAS branches.
        • Sort out the financial problems of the JAS.
        • Strengthen the role of JAS as a lobby group.

        On the Agriculture/ Agri-business Marketing...

        • Launch “Eat Jamaican” campaign to support local production.
        • Develop Denbigh Agricultural Show as an international show and plan ongoing utilization of the Denbigh     facilities.
        • Implement the Central Marketing System for the distribution of agricultural produce.
        • Production...

          • Launch major recruiting drive for young people in agriculture.
          • Develop and promote programs to increase production and productivity in agriculture/ agribusiness.
          • Strengthen systems to prevent praedial larceny and protect farmers.
          • Work on improving roads, irrigation, and other infrastructure for agriculture.
          • Intensify the curriculum for agricultural education in schools.
          • Promote Research and Development in agriculture.
          • Lobby government to expedite distribution of land for farming to young people.