Development Trust Fund

The JAS Development Trust Fund was created in 2004 with the purpose of assisting in the development and growth of agriculture through the provision of a platform on which critical projects can be done for benefit of the farmers.

Aims and Objectives

In addition to the, the JAS development Trust Fund will also:

              1. Assist in the funding of agricultural activities that will be undertaken by the JAS Development Trust     Fund
              2. Sponsor agricultural projects, programmes and activities.
              3. Communicate agricultural information through the holding of seminars, meetings, workshops etc.
              4. Fund Denbigh Agricultural Show and Parish Shows.
              5. Help to Fund activities that are agricultural related and also those that will lead to general     improvement of the livelihood and livelihood and living standard of the people in rural communities.

How to contribute to the FUND

Public as well as private donations are welcomed. Additionally, donations can be made to any branch of the National Commercial Bank Account Number 061028072 or cheques can be made payable to JAS Development Trust Fund