Concerns raised by the Ministry of Health are being addressed

Norman Grant, President of the JAS and Chairman of the Denbigh Show Committee says, “The Board of Management of the Jamaica Agricultural Society and the Denbigh Show Organizing Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank our -: Partners/sponsors/exhibitors/patrons/farmers and the general public in Jamaica and overseas for their continued support of the Denbigh 65th schedule for August 5-7, 2017.

We are also reassuring you that all of the concerns raised by the Ministry of Health are being addressed and the resolution of these will allow for the staging of the Best Ever Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial and Food Show in our history. We are working in harmony with the Clarendon Health Department and with their guidance through our weekly meetings, we are satisfied that we will meet the required regulatory requirements.

The ACTIONS taken so far and ongoing includes:

  • The JAS has communicated with all exhibitors/Parish Pavilion operators and all other food handlers the requirements for meeting the public health regulations. We have forwarded to them all relevant forms in related to registration and public health.
  • JAS is currently helping the food handlers participating in this year’s staging in acquiring their Food Handlers Permit. We implored them to have the necessary documentation, more specifically a valid food handler’s permit, for all their workers/persons who will be handling food for our patrons. We also directed their attention to the attached Exhibitor Health and Food Safety Form that MUST be completed by ALL exhibitors and restaurant operators. It is required of them to return this form prior to distribution of passes and other entitlements, which will commence on July 25, 2017.
  • The JAS provided a document briefing to the exhibitors and restaurant operators about the importance of the food handler’s permit as outlined by the public health regulation. Additionally, food handler’s permit application forms and also a list of clinics that can facilitate the application process were distributed.
  • The JAS also advised that If a center near them is not listed they can get the information from the Southern Regional Health Authority @ 3 Brumalia Road, Mandeville, Manchester Tel: 1-876-625-2110 | 618-1714-5 and Fax: 1-876-962-8233.
  • The JAS has agreed to host an onsite Food Handler’s Clinic in conjunction with the Clarendon Public Health Department on the Denbigh Show Grounds on Thursday July 13, 2017 commencing at 9am. All exhibitors and restaurant operations who have workers without a valid Food Handler’s Permit and the requisite Food Safety training are being encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. All potential food handlers will be required to take a current (no more than 6 months) passport sized photograph and their completed application form to the clinic. They will be required to undergo food safety training and complete a standard food handler’s examination and passing same before being issued with a permit. The Clarendon Health Department in our last meetings under scored that they will process the Food Handlers permit within 2 weeks which will be valid for 12 months.
  • Once any declared Food Handler does not have a valid permit they will not be allowed to participate in any food handling activities and if they fail to comply they will be removed from the show grounds. In addition, if during the show unauthorized persons are caught handle food then the Clarendon Health Inspectors will close down their operation until corrective actions are effected and found to be acceptable.
  • The JAS has contracted a Food Health and Safety Consultant to be a part of our planning committee to strength our capacity in meeting and exceeding the Public Health Requirements.
  • The JAS has contracted a Food Health and Safety Consultant to be a part of our planning committee to strength our capacity in meeting and exceeding the Public Health Requirements.
  • The JAS and the Denbigh show committee will launch a Denbigh showground Work/Spruce Up Days on July 14, 15 and 16, 2017 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). These Spruce Days will include all exhibitors, parish pavilion operators, all service providers to the show as well as farmers and citizens of Clarendon and the Clarendon Health Department. We will be opening the work day to the media as well as each day there will be a press conference at 10 am to discuss the measures, programme and progress.
  • The JAS has contracted service providers in the area of landscaping, equipment operation, portable toilets and hand wash stations services, solid and liquid waste disposal and plumbing services. Additionally the NWC, JPS are on board to address issues electricity and water pressure for safe food handling and functional and effective sanitary convenience.
  • The JAS has also written to the May Pen Parish Council to assist in the cleaning of the council’s main drain that traverses the Denbigh showground. The JAS is now dumping the pond and other ground cavities to prevent the settlement of water that encourages mosquitoes breeding. In regards to vector control the Clarendon Health Department continues to carry out vector control activities on the show ground and the effects of this has been noticeable.

Thursday July 6, 2017 was our second meeting with the Clarendon Health Department where all the non-conformances, corrective action and the closure of the non-conformances were discussed. It was agreed that on Monday July 17, 2017 after the 3 work/spruce days the CLARENDON HEATH DEPARTMENT will have an inspection and provide the JAS with a report on the showground readiness for the Staging of Denbigh 65. This would give the JAS at minimum 2 and half weeks before the show to address any gaps identified after the inspection.

The JAS wishes to assure the public, patrons and partners that we will meet the requirements necessary to ensure that Denbigh 65 is a success.” End Quote'