Commercial Operations


The Jamaica Agricultural Society Commercial Enterprises Limited (JASCEL) is a Limited Company registered under the Companies Act of Jamaica since 1995. The company has been established by the JAS to implement and manage a Central Marketing System (CMS) and other Commercial Projects on behalf of the Jamaican Farming Community.

The main objectives are:

            • To purchase fresh farm produce from farmers on a contractual basis.
            • To promote good Post-Harvest practices among farmers supplying to the Central Marketing System      (CMS)
            • To promote trade in Jamaican Agricultural products and to aid in the reduction of imports, hence,      increasing the consumption of local produce.
            • To sort, grade , store, package and process fresh produce at central locations.

In order to assist the farmers in accessing farm inputs, Farm Stores are conveniently located in Portland, and Kingston. However, the long term goal of JASCEL is to operate farm stores in all parishes throughout Jamaica, hence, allowing the farmers to have access to farm inputs at their doorsteps

On a long term basis the CMS should:

            • Provide distinct value added services to both suppliers and consumers.
            • Provide stable prices to the farmers.
            • Ensure the highest quality of produce to meet the specifications of clients.
            • Encourage the consumption of local produce through packaging and promotion of a brand.
            • To perfect a distribution system.