The patrons will once again be given the opportunity to experience the Denbigh Hub Concepts namely :

  • Children and Family Hub
  • Tourism Linkages Network
  • Health and Wellness Hub
  • Denbigh Green Hub
  • Youth in Agriculture Hub

Children and Family Hub

The Children and Family Hub for this years staging of the Denbigh Show will focus primarily on teaching children about agriculture in a fun way, through games, rides and agriculture based activities. Children, at a young age, are impressionable and it is an opportunity to sow the seeds of agriculture in their minds, while making it fun enough to capture and keep their attention. In this way, the future of agriculture can be protected.

Tourism and Linkage Hub

The Denbigh Secretariat will re-introduce the concept of the Tourism and Linkage Hub for Denbigh 2014 and the Jamaica Tourist Board will collaborate with us in this initiative. The Tourism and Linkage Hub is an integral facet of the Denbigh Show as it is intended to highlight and promote the importance of collaboration within the sectors to showcase our cuisine culture and to inform the public of its benefits to national development.

The Tourism and Linkage Hub will offer participants within the Hotel and other Industries the opportunity to:

  • Become an integral part of the Buyer's Exchange and Linkage Forum
  • Host discussions through seminars focusing on the importance of the advancement of tourism, the country's main source    of foreign exchange and its link with the agricultural sector
  • Showcase the tourism sector's utilization of agricultural products through sampling of foods and beverages
  • Provide an entertainment outlet for tourists to become exposed to another aspect of Jamaica's culture and creativity
  •    As is traditionally expected, each day of the show is especially dedicated to a particular Government Official who addresses    the audience or patrons.

    The Tourism and Linkage Hub will become the hub of interrelated partnership between the tourism and agricultural sectors.

    Health & Wellness Hub

    One of the focuses of the Health and Wellness Hub is to provide healthcare services that are both educational and beneficial for the patrons well being. In recognizing the important elements of maintaining complete physical, mental, and social lifestyle the health and wellness circle becomes an integral aspect of the Denbigh Show to provide screening, essential tests and health checks to interested persons attending the event. The Health and Wellness Hub will therefore give the Health and Wellness Provider the opportunity to:

  • To strengthen business relations with existing client√®le.
  • To create awareness for the latest holistic and organic well-being products and services.
  • To demonstrate products and services that will enhance one's life leading towards a healthy and good living.
  • To maximize the opportunity from a growing interest in health related products.
  • To support the government's move for a healthier lifestyle for all.
  • Denbigh Green Hub

    The Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement (JOAM) will be responsible for the organization and execution of the Green Hub. The Concept for participation include:

  • Demonstrate organic production practices,
  • Demonstrate alternative energy solutions including wind and solar energy
  • Show the work JOAM has been doing
  • Have tastings of organic fruits and foods,
  • Have an area for children to play and learn,
  • Have a demonstration of 'green-smithing' highlighting a small manufacturer who produces agro-processing equipment     using recycled materials
  • Showcase work of environmental NGO's
  • Live Entertainment & Dramatization
  • It is envisioned that the Green Hub will be able to showcase a comprehensive aspect of organic agriculture to include: composting, crop rotation, nursery management, water harvesting and bee keeping. Input suppliers will also display their produce such as organic fertilizers, farm equipment, agro - processing equipment and renewable energy products. Members from the various regions within the Organic Movement will also be able to showcase their produce and work. Information transfer will be done through a Speakers area where experts will speak on various issues such as GMO's and climate change. The target is to have at least 15 organizations in the Hub and it is the vision of JOAM to ensure that each visitor should leave with a taste of the organic lifestyle.

    Other Traditional Features are:

    Local and International Displays/ Exhibits
    Car Show
    Farmers Market

    Denbigh Global Trade Symposium (formerly Global Trade Exchange)

    The Denbigh Global Trade Symposium was introduced in 2013 and was held throughout the duration of the Show. This symposium is aimed at providing our main stakeholders, sponsors, partners and affiliated organizations with the opportunity to interact, establish contacts, and be better educated on market/product locally, regionally and internationally

    This year it will be re-named the Denbigh Symposium and will seek to create linkages and connect Buyers and Sellers to create new Business partnerships through structured networking and matchmaking.

    Participants will be drawn from the local, regional and international sphere and will be able to:

      Introduce (and demonstrate) new products and service
      Host their own Product Seminar or Workshop to educate customers and prospects.
      Recruit new distributors and dealers in local, regional and international markets
      Close sales orders on Denbigh Show ground Competitions