Since 1895, the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) has been at the forefront of the promotion of Agriculture and has mounted several shows island wide. The first show staged by the Society was the Kendal Show, which was held in Kendal, Clarendon and since then, District and Parish Shows have been held in every parish throughout the island with the main attractions being livestock, agricultural and horticultural exhibits.


The Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show is a hallmark event that has been embedded in the unique culture and the broad fabrics of the Jamaican people from as early as 1953 to present.

Situated on twenty nine hectares of picturesque lands at May Pen, Clarendon, the Denbigh Show comes to life for three days of pulsating activities offering wholesome entertainment to over sixty thousand patrons that have been attending the event on an annual basis.

Spirits have been lifted and enthusiasm built for the unforgettable experience of the grand Exposition that has been renowned for promoting the farmers livelihood, i.e. the finest quality agricultural produce from varied commodity groups, its value added products, industrial and technological equipment from main stakeholders affiliated within the agricultural sector.

As is traditionally expected, each day of the show is especially dedicated to a particular Government Official who addresses the audience or patrons.

Many of these invited guests who have made valid contributions to the Show’s experience include: Governor of Puerto Rico in 1955, the former Governor Generals – Sir Clifford Campbell, Sir Florizel Glasspole, Sir Howard Cooke, Professer Sir Kenneth Hall and the present Governor General Sir Patrick Allen.

Heads of Governments who also attended the show were Sir Alexander Bustamante, Rt. Hon. Norman Manley, Rt. Hon. Hugh Shearer, Sir Donald Sangster, Rt. Hon. Michael Manley, Rt. Hon. Edward Seaga, The Most. Hon. P.J Patterson, Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller and Most Hon. Bruce Golding have all supported and assisted in the promotion of this historical event.

Special attention has consistently been placed on the Champion Farmer and Young Champion Farmer’s Competition that showcases farmers who have excelled in cutting edged farm practices.

The National Farm Queen Competition is another main event that provides a “spark of elegance and class” to the event and the promotion of women in agriculture.